At Kettlebell Strength we offer the best training for kettlebells in Richmond.


  • Personal Responsibility, Accountability and Integrity
  • Motivate and Encourage Positive Change
  • Dedication to Hard Practice and Correct Technique
  • Educate an Honest Approach to Physical Health and Nutrition
  • Build Strength of Character, Mind and Body



To educate, encourage and empower our clients/students through the knowledge of good nutrition, movement and the dedication of personal ambition and strength.

Kettlebells in Richmond is for everyone. Don’t be put off or concerned about the idea of lifting weight.

Everyone has to start somewhere and here at Kettlebell Strength we will guide you at your own pace to a healthy, pain free and more confident life style wether it be for fat loss, toning, longer lasting cardio or strength increase.

We really are the place to go for Ketllebell training in Richmond


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