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Kettlebell Strength is as passionate about self progression and growth as it is correct and safe training, having fun and reaching goals.

What is Kettlebell Strength about?

Put simply…..it is about you.

It is about you burning fat. Moving better.  Building strength. Toning. Building confidence. Moving without pain. Grabbing life by the balls and taking charge.

At Kettlebell Strength we pride ourselves as the leading authority of kettlebell training in Richmond as well as movement quality, nutrition, lifestyle coaching and goal setting.

In truth not only are we the leading providers of kettlebell training in Richmond  for fat loss and strength gain but in West London.

Are you prepared to learn the truth of quality of movement and to fine your skills in kettlebell training to help you break free from the BS that not only life throws at you but also the fakery and falseness of the fitness magazines, news papers and fashion articles that tell you you are no better than the so called stars…..BS…..You are better and will become better.

Using a combination of FMS, physical, lifestyle and nutritional assessments, we will provide the correct proscription to improve movement quality, help you make the right lifestyle choices within health and fitness and to coach your kettlebell training in Richmond which  will lead to your overall success of grabbing life by the balls and taking charge.

What is Kettlebell Strength about? 

Put simply…..its about you.

Enjoy this FREE home workout video below to begin your path to overall awesomeness.

Training in Richmond, Putney, Twickenham, Kew, Ealing, Chiswick, Kensington

Focusing on true and safe technique.

Now teaching kettlebells in Richmond, London I have set the standards higher than thought possible, but possible to achieve.

Not only offering kettlebell training and personal training in Richmond, London but also helping burn fat, gain confidence, tone up, build strength of body and mind with personal 1-2-1, small group training and kettlebells for beginners courses.

Training with kettlebells is a far more efficient and satisfying way to reach your goals.

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