Happy New Year from us at Kettlebell Strength.

As we start the beginning of a strong new year, we are here to provide you with the best knowledge and training in kettlebell training Richmond.

Many people now will start there New Years resolution. Many of those will be the usual…





And other generic titles to the vague that is set in the back of their minds. And this is the first mistake people make for their New Years health mission.

You need to set GOALS….and (get fitter) is NOT a goal. It needs to be something you can measure. Note down, catalog and compare your journey too. For example

Lose X amount of weight/body fat

Lift X amount of weight by (date)

Run 10K…..Run 10 in under an hour

These things are all measurable.

Next people sign up to the gym and hit the running machine, cross trainer and other equipment without knowing what to do….especially kettlebells. Now if you didn’t know already, Kettlebell Strength is the leading authority of  not only kettlebell training Richmond but also form correction in body weight an free weights.

To achieve your goals you need to make sure you are doing them right.  Invest in some guidance and coaching. Safety First.

And lastly, any lizard can claim to know what they are doing, but would you trust any guy in a white van to fix the gas in your house? NO, then why trust any guy or gal in the gym with a PT shirt on with your health and safety.

Do your research, ask for testimonials, get recommendations from friends. You need to know the person you are working with, who you are investing in and who you are TRUSTING with not only your safety but personal goals is the right person but also KNOW what they are doing.

At Kettlebell Strength we guarantee not only the highest standards of kettlebell training Richmond but the highest standards of training, guidance and care.

So here are our 3 top tips before you start this years mega mission

1.Make measurable goals

2.Invest in some coaching

3.Do your research on who is coaching you

Happy Healthy New Year and don’t forget to book your FREE consultation

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