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Hi everyone


How are you?, I hope you are all well. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and a great week so far.


Yep my week has been great. Ive hit a few personal records on the barbell, done a few snatch tests with the kettlebell, worked a lot, getting ready for my brothers wedding in Crete soon….lucky for me all this hard work with the kettlebells does help keep the tummy in shape. Now im not being vain but come on, we can all agree that a little self confidence about our bodies before we go on holiday goes a long way….ALL HAIL THE KETTLEBELL SWING.

Oh ye, I have also had quite a few responses by way of the website regarding kettlebell coaching….GREAT….only that I have had to turn most of them away. Not because i’m too busy but because to some people the money is their main focus.

OK don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying you have to be rich to get coaching but you need to realize it is more than a bit of training, more than just having someone tell you what to do.

It is an investment in to yourself that could last a life time and in truth could save you so much more. In money and in health.

Lets look at like this, after Christmas the number 1 New Years resolution is to lose fat / get fit (by that what do you mean-get fit) run this-that.

So person A  makes a resolution and goes on a shopping trip and buys

New trainers – up to £80

New gym attire – up to another £80-£100 (you cant wear the same sweaty stuff every day)

12 month gym membership – at LEAST £50 month X 12 = £600 at LLEEAASSTTTT


And without the added coffee with friends at the gym or after, maybe a protein bar or shake and lets say you go for a special personal trainer pack, maybe 2 sessions at a discount price of £89.


So with just a few things you have spent over £800 in a year without you knowing it.

Please stick with me here guys but how many people do you know who have joined a gym and a year or less later have not really reached the goals they have set or are even still members.

How many still have the motivation to go to the impersonal cramp box.


Now this is not for everyone but the truth is…it does apply to many people.

So when people ask me about prices and even discounts I have to ask them….hey, if you needed a solicitor for a very important matter, something that held such importance about the future would you trust the guy who charges just a few quid an hour or the guy who has invested so much in himself and can guarantee you success? In truth I bet you the cheap solicitor also uses the other guy when he needs to….like for advice to then pass on to others…I know that has happened to me.

I have coached many other trainers who have then passed on my training tips to other clients…POOR FORM PEOPLE.


What I am trying to say is a little investment in yourself, 12 weeks of commitment could lead you to a path of not only saving a few pounds (sterling) but could save your body and lose a few pounds (of fat) and gain a lot of strength and so much more.

Hey even 4 weeks could be the start some may need.

Is not this worth the investment?


I tell you what also.

I have been reading a lot of books by a great guy, and I really mean this, an amazing guy named Dan John.

Now if you have a bit of time have a little peak about him on the old google-thing but trust me…HE IS MEGA.

Anyway the thing I really like about his books is it’s not all about, lift this weight x amounts of time rest this amount and eat this.

But Dan offers you some simple advice and a lot of it based on his own experience. And the best bit of advice he gives is…..




You are accountable for your own actions. If you want something but don’t go out and get it then it’s you who is to blame. Im sorry if you don’t like the sound of that but it is the hard truth and can be hard to swallow.

The fact that maybe you haven’t made goals that you can track or your goal is to just GET FITTER…AAHHHHHH I hate that, what do you mean by that? is all down to you and no one else.

And then again its the oh I know someone who can do it for £10-20 a session, then cool, go for this if you want to just GET FITTER.


But here guys, just for you and inspired by some of the things in Dan’s books, so read up people as

This is on me.



No one can make the chance but yourself..did you hear that…YOURSELF-deal with it.



Honestly, look in your fridge and freezer, whats real in there and whats NOT. Kids cereal?????????????????????????

And you are a grown up….comfort food mmmmmm.



Educate yourself, have an idea on what you are getting yourself into so it won’t be so much of a shock.



Ok again stick with me

A-Frog, if I offered you a million bucks to eat a plate full of frogs is I bet you’d go for the biggest first. So when it comes to the tasks that you need to do, alwats start with the biggest and one you least want to do as the rest will be so much simpler after that.


B-Elephant, how do you eat an elephant?….one bite at a time. It is not going to be quick or easy and you will need to persist at it but at the end it will be worth it.


C-The Alpro Dog Food Diet, invite friends around and tell them the goal you are aiming for, and that if you give up or don’t sucssed, you will eat a can of Alpro Dog Food.

A support network will work wonders.


So there you go guys.

I understand that somethings in life do have a cost and not everyone can afford them.

That why I keep looking for suitable venues to hold kettlebell workshops for groups to make it more cost effective.

But for some it can be a great way to save money in the long run and so much more.


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Health and Strong wishes




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