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After having spent years away from the gym all I had to do was make a phone call.

After meeting Seb from Kettlebell Strength I felt at ease knowing that I was in safe hands. What impresses me the most about him is his level of technicality – I’ve learnt so much about exercise but more importantly about the way in which to exercise effectively and safely.

His energy and passion for fitness is infectious and the results show – I am now healthier and as a result it’s transcended to all parts of my life. For me it’s become much more than just fitness.

Frank Pereire, Video Production

After months of using several gym machines I decided to have a go at this unique weight training & cardio workout of 30 minutes that targets all major muscle groups,

Increase core stability, balance & understand the importance of increasing the stability of the back & leg muscles. It also combines cardio and strength training at the same time. Kettlebell Strength are in a league of their own pushing their brilliance on the individual.

The honesty during training is refreshing & they push you to the max! A great kettle-bell workout involving circuit while it strengthens muscles is a great way to refine & improve your physique!

Craig Turbyfield, Dancer

Seb has been my personal trainer now for over 2 years and in that time my progress towards achieving all my health and fitness has been nothing short of amazing.

His personal program for me and his motivation, friendliness and depth of knowledge have all been of the very highest standard.

 Without any shadow of doubt I would never have achieved my level of strength and fitness without him and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who was serious about achieving a stronger, fitter and healthier body ‘

 Simon J,

Personal Trainer


I’ve known Seb Morgan for 12 years and have trained with him, specifically with kettlebells over the last year. I’m an actor and originally took up the training on seb’s suggestion to keep fit, flexible and strong for work. I’ve trained in gyms since I was about 18 and have also done kick boxing and wing Chun training but nothing had ever made such an instant impact on my fitness as Kettlebell training (strongfirst/hard style).

I’d injured my knee doing a show about 3 months before I started working with Seb and despite physio it was still niggling. After getting my own 16kg bell and starting my own training at home, along with weekly sessions with Seb the injury has gone and I feel fitter than I ever have. I’m 32 now and have been “keeping fit” for 14 years, technically past my peak but still climbing.

Seb has trained in most martial art disciplines and also different weight training styles. He knows his stuff and when he said bells are the way to go I believed him. He wasn’t wrong. You can do it anywhere, it focuses on strength and flexibility but also gives you a defined physique and great stamina and all you need us 1 bell too get started.

I signed up to toughmudder after starting my training with Seb 4 months before the event. he said I would smash it but I was scared… I smashed it, made rest of the team look unfit, never thought i’d complete and wouldn’t have with changing my training. Do bells!

Robin Berry, actor